About Lo Scacchiere.

“Lo Scacchiere – in occasum solis” is a blog that collects articles published or unpublished, and an avid researcher of International Relations and Geopolitics.

Marcello Ciola was born in Ostuni (BR) on July 2nd, 1989.

In November 2011, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Political Sciences at the Faculty of Political Science of the Luiss Guido Carli University of Rome, with a thesis entitled: Irish nationalisms between 1900 and 1945 and the relations with Germany.

In March 2014 he obtained a Master’s degree in International Relations at Department of Political Science of Luiss Guido Carli University, with a dissertation entitled: The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Prospects of a new Great Game.


In July 2013 he attended the ASERI – Postgraduate School in Economics and International Relations of Catholic University of Milan.

He is Associate analyst of think tank Nodo di Gordio from 2013 (website URL http://www.nododigordio.org/; scientific journal code: E224200). He is board member of Identità Europea (European Identity – http://www.identitaeuropea.it/), international cultural association founded in 1996 by Prof. Franco Cardini, and he organizes cultural conferences, panel and seminars.  He is Co-Founder and Vice-CEO of Mediterranean Affairs (http://www.mediterraneanaffairs.com/en/). He founded a cultural association in his university, Narsil, of which he was the organization manager and cultural planner. He collaborated with Turkish Embassy in Italy for the organization of the series of six seminars entitled “From Empire to Republic. Turkey between ottoman past and global future”.



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